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How many times have you or a loved-one went on and drove while drinking, being just above the authorized limit.

This portable keychain alcohol breath tester features is easy-to-use and features a quick response system. It also comes with a built-in flashlight.

Age: 21 and older (alcohol abuse is bad for your health)


• LED Torch function

• Keyring - Portable, handy and convenience to carry

• Use two AAA alkaline batteries (Not included)

• Net weight: 25g

• Color: Black

Light Indicators:

• Only Green LED light on ----Safe, the alcohol concentration level is under 0.02% BAC (0.1mg/l BRAC)

• Only Yellow LED light ----Caution, the alcohol concentration level is 0.02% to 0.05%BAC (0.1mg/l BRAC to 0.25mg/l BRAC)

• Yellow LED & Red LED light both on ----Danger, the alcohol concentration level is over 0.05% BAC ( 0.25mg/l BRAC)